Oct 20, 2013

Brick House ROCKS!!!

Jan 9, 2013

Reviews are in...

Read what some folks have to say about the Brickhouse Pub:


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"I Love this place! The Brick House has been recently renovated an under new ownership. They decided to find a professional chef and up the ante with incredibly good bar food. On the menu they claim to source their food locally as much as possible. They do get all of their bread from the Berkshire Mountain Bakery which is just about a quarter mile down the road. (the Berkshire Mountain Bakery was recently rated one of the top ten bakeries in the USA by Bon Appetit)
I've eaten most everything on the menu, and am especially fond of the Five Alarm Burger and the Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Also who doesn't love a burger with fried egg, bacon, and cheddar??? (that's the Farmers Burger)....."

"My husband and I stumbled across the Brick House Pub while spending a day exploring the Berkshires. ...We went back to our hotel and the proprieter gave us recommendations of her 2 favorite local places to eat - and the Brick House was one of them! So we ended up back there for dinner, and both enjoyed moist, flavorful burgers. Great atmosphere, fantastic service - I can't say enough great things about the Brick House Pub! "

"....My sister and I ordered different burgers and shared half and half. In both cases the burgers were done as we asked - medium - and the local beef was very tasty. I especially enjoyed my sister's burger which was extra spicy hot and on a focaccia roll, but my mushroom, glazed onion burger was a hit, too. Good beer and side salads, too. What a great place for bar food in Housatonic!"